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Huntermogging the Ironhide set FOR THE HORDE!

This is my current transmog set, which I’m pretty happy with over all. I like the black and red, which beautifully compliments the Horde insignia blazoned proudly across my chest. It’s based on the Ironhide set (with a few tweaks), which … Continue reading

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Level 75 Hunter Talents

Well, the new level 75 hunter talents have been datamined and are up on MMO Champion. Spiralphoenix has given us this video of them in action, too. Clearly there is still work to be done on them, but I look … Continue reading

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New Hunter Glyphs in Mists of Pandaria!

New exciting glyphs for hunters! Wooooo! I’ve got my info from this wow insider article, which lists a couple of hunter glyphs that do not appear to be changed unless I’ve missed some minor detail in wording, but it’s possible their … Continue reading

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Mists hunter news!

Well, Blizzard has bestowed a cornucopia of information upon the Wow fan sites, and its contents are strewn across the table for us to gorge ourselves on. There’s a lot there, I mean there’s a LOT there, but not a lot for … Continue reading

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Hunter Buffs and Debuffs in Mists of Panderia

Ghostcrawler has given us a snapshot of who is getting which buff and debuff in Mists of Panderia, and Hunters are getting a couple of nice ones! …..and one kinda ordinary one… *cough* Attack Power Effect: +10% melee and ranged … Continue reading

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6 things I wish I could tame, but probably will never be able to

Hunters can tame a lot of things, we’re really spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting a pet. We have many looks to choose from, many raid buffs to choose from, and even a choice about which pet spec … Continue reading

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Mists and Stats

In a Dev watercooler post today Ghostcrawler has given us a some clues as to what stats will be relevant in the next expansion. There is one hunter specific change of particular note: Ranged attacks will be able to be dodged. Hunters … Continue reading

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Mr I’m trying something new

Revngeek from Revngeek’s Parody Palace has just described a moment a lot of hunters can relate to, when they accidently (or not) misdirect to the healer. Whoops. The group wipes if the tank is too busy scratching himself to taunt off … Continue reading

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Mists of Panderia Lvl 90 Hunter Talents

Blizzard have released the lvl 90 hunter talents that will be available in Mists of Panderia, and there are some really interesting choices for us. Of course, any and all analysis is very speculative at this stage, since we don’t … Continue reading

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Pushing Ultraxion’s Buttons

Ah Ultraxion, for this moment ALONE were you created. Apparently. That’s your story, anyway. This guy is a pain. On one level, he’s uncomplicated. Push the heroic will button when you have 3 seconds left on fading light. Push the button … Continue reading

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