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Mists hunter news!

Well, Blizzard has bestowed a cornucopia of information upon the Wow fan sites, and its contents are strewn across the table for us to gorge ourselves on. There’s a lot there, I mean there’s a LOT there, but not a lot for … Continue reading

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6 things I wish I could tame, but probably will never be able to

Hunters can tame a lot of things, we’re really spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting a pet. We have many looks to choose from, many raid buffs to choose from, and even a choice about which pet spec … Continue reading

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My new pet oil slick

I tamed a new pet last night. Meet Valdez, my slick and refined wolf (although he’s a little crude at times)…. sorry, sorry, I’ll quit that now. Slick accompanies me and a special lady on a romantic picnic on Dalaran.  … Continue reading

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