Huntermogging the Ironhide set FOR THE HORDE!

This is my current transmog set, which I’m pretty happy with over all. I like the black and red, which beautifully compliments the Horde insignia blazoned proudly across my chest. It’s based on the Ironhide set (with a few tweaks), which is composed of green drops from mobs mainly in Un’Goro Crater and Winterspring. The great thing about this set is you should be able to get 90% without leaving town, a lot of it is on the auction house as boe drops. The melee weapon you’ll probably either need to go questing or boss killing for, though. For experimenting with these looks in game I use Mogit, and out of game I use the comparison feature on Wowhead.

Head: The Ironhide Helmet is what’s “supposed” to go with the set, but the colours aren’t quite right and the cut is a little boring, although it does have some horns which complement the shoulder’s I’ve chosen. On my main I’m currently using the Crown of Cinders, which I got from a quest, but the Slayer’s Skullcap is the same look you can get from a drop. Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of the helmet, and I’m still looking for a better fit. Malefactor’s Eyepatch, perhaps?

Shoulders: There’s a few choices here, depending on how showy you want to be. The Ironhide Pauldrons are the generic choice, but the Drakesfire Epaulets look much more “horde”, with the boney spikes and asymmetric look. The heroic Craterflame Spaulders have a nice flame effect and a little more flair (or possibly a little more flare…. see what I did there?). The thing about shoulders is that they can very in size and shape in a huge way. What looks like skyscrapers on an Orc or Tauren can look quite dainty on a Blood Elf or Forsaken. For shoulders it’s always best to try a few different things out, and see what works for your race and gender.

Back: Either Shawl of the Shattered Giant (boe drop) or Disguise of the Kuminho for 347 justice points in Dalaran. Nice black and red look that compliments the patterns on the Ironhide set. The actual Ironhide Cloak is a boring rag that I wouldn’t use to wipe gnome blood off my shoe with.

Chest: Ironhide Breastplate.

Shirt: Nothing like a Stylish Black Shirt, a little hard for the horde to get since it’s only sold by an Alliance vendor, but there should be some on the AH or Neutral AH. If not, the Ebon Filigreed Shirt is passable.

Bracers: Optional, they should barely show, but Ironhide Bracers go here.

Hands: Ironhide Gauntlets.

Waist: Ironhide Belt or Voidscale Belt, although you can get away with Blood-Spattered Sash in a pinch.

Legs: Ironhide Legguards.

Feet: Ironhide Greaves. This was actually the only item I had trouble finding, the rest of the Ironhide stuff I got from the AH reasonably cheaply after a week or so of looking. This one just did not turn up. In the end I farmed Winterspring for 5 hours for it (and collected a couple of other bits I already had on the way, and sold them for a tidy profit… I actually made money making this transmog set!).

Melee slot: Well, this depends on if you’re wielding a staff or a polearm. For a polearm Terokk’s Quill is far and away the best option, but if you’ve already completed the quest and trashed the item, there’s the Tidebreaker Trident or Piercing Glaive, or even an unmogged Kiril, Fury of Beasts. For staff wielders DamnationFuneral PyreVisage of the Destroyer or Ti’Tahk, the Steps of Time all fit well, although you might find Bloodfire Greatstaff easier to get.

Terokk’s Quill

Ranged: I like the High-Strung Bow (or Military Compound Bow if you’ve completed the quest) because it’s quite understated, but you might prefer something flashier, like Themios the Darkbringer. For those that prefer a crossbow, the Sinewed Crossbow or Coilfang Needler both suit the colour scheme. There’s also the gun option for those who play with their sound off or sadistically enjoy inflicting pain on the ears of their party members, the Replica High Warlord’s Street Sweeper, the Bloodwarder’s Rifle, and the Gunblade are all adequate to this task.

High-Strung Bow, Sinewed Crossbow, High Warloard’s Street Sweeper

Tabard: There’s a few great options here, too. The best look for the least effort is the Hellscream’s Reach Tabard, which you can get by grinding out a few Tol Barad dailies and popping 40 shiny TB comendations on the counter. Those skilled few who are Master of Isle of Conquest, the Tabard of Conquest is a perfect choice too (compliments your gear while showing everyone what a bad ass you are), or if you’re lucky enough to have hung on to a Krom’gar Tabard it suits the feel of the set as well. The Thrallmar or Blood Knight tabards are in keeping with the colour scheme, but lack the appropriate insignia in my opinion. I guess you could always use the Orgrimmar Tabard if you’re feeling particularly lazy, but I don’t think the colours are right. The worst part is most of the male hordies have such wretched posture that their hunch sort of conceals the horde insignia. For crying out loud, STAND UP STRAIGHT AND BE PROUD OF YOUR FACTION!

Mounts: The Black War Raptor and Black War Wolf are both purchasable for 2000 honor points from Raider Bork in Orgrimmar, or the Black War Mammoth for 2000 honor in Wintergrasp. All three have a great black and red Horde look about them. The Swift Red Wind Rider works well for a flying mount too, and is pretty easy to get.

Hunter Pets: We have the blessing and the curse of having so many pet choices. I’ve tried to give an option for pets that cover the raid buffs or commonly chosen hunter pets types.

Cat: Pride of Betthek, I guess. Not really a great choice here.

Corehound: Any of the Red Corehounds work.

Wolf: Rabid Warhound is great for this look, it even matches a mount!

Raptor: The Daggermaw Lashtail is a good fit.

Carrion Bird: Fire Roc from Tanaris.

Ravager: Thornfang Venomspitter is a short flight from the dark portal.

Wind Serpent: Stagalbog Serpent or Scalewing Serpent

Turtle: Terropene is the clear winner here, hands down.

Spider: The Black Recluse is perfect for this look.

Nether Ray: The Netherskate from Shadowmoon Valley looks pretty good with this set.

Wasp: Blacksting.

Boar: I love me some bacon! There’s a pair of Helboars in Hellfire Penisula you might want to go with this set.

Scorpid: Three choices here, black with red spots, dark red, or black.

Companions: Clearly you want a Horde Balloon.

Edit: If you’re not a fan of the Ironhide set (and bravo for going the distance on this post if you’re not!) you can mix this look up with the Garmaul set for chest, gloves, belt, pants, and boots. It looks a little rougher, and works great with the eyepatch.

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12 Responses to Huntermogging the Ironhide set FOR THE HORDE!

  1. Laeleiweyn says:

    Eww, hordies. 🙂

    Excellent post! Really good and thoroughly done; with weapons, mounts, pets, companions and everything! You’ll never see me wearing this, which meant you succeded. 🙂


    • Bauxite says:

      I’m glad you liked it. I took inspiration from all the excellent sets on your site.

      I may end up doing a “for the alliance” xmog set too.

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  3. Perry S says:

    Very nice, if you want check out my hunter, I have a set similar to this using the Drakesfire Epaulets, the Crown of Destruction and Blackhand Doomsaw as the main focus of the set and every thing else is based after them. (

  4. sesamee says:

    I really like the Ironhide set. I’ve been snatching pieces up as I find them on the AH but in six months I’ve found like 3 lol. Nice job! 🙂

    • Bauxite says:

      I found that having a bank alt on the Alliance side helps a lot with this set. Also, farming the ghosts in Winterspring or terror run in Un’Goro works too.

  5. Nice setup you have there and a nice post too.

  6. darbish says:

    Check out the Sunreaver Tabard and the Sunreaver Dragonhawk with this set, Looks pretty good.

    • Bauxite says:

      Wow, it really does suit! That’s a great tabard, I love the detail on it.

      The mount is perfect too… I’m going to need do some rep grinding I think!

      • darbish says:

        Me too. Thanks for posting the weapon suggestions, the spear and bows are perfect.

        If you don’t mind leather, Bloodfang Spaulders work well (and it has Dat Mist!). Also, for grins, the Dreadweave Hood works, too.

        I think I’m just going to go Eyepatch and change my troll’s hair to red, though.

        As far as pets, I’m going Terrorpene, but Skarr (cat) and Madexx (scorpid) are also good choices.

        Happy mogging!

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