Mists hunter news!

Well, Blizzard has bestowed a cornucopia of information upon the Wow fan sites, and its contents are strewn across the table for us to gorge ourselves on. There’s a lot there, I mean there’s a LOT there, but not a lot for hunters specifically, so we’re still in the dark a little bit for now.


I don’t think we have talked about what we are doing for the hunter yet. I think a lot of hunter players have guessed it but the hunter level 87 ability is basically you get all your pets at once for a short amount of time. So if you have 5 pets in your stable, they all come out and do damage for a little bit of time, and that’s really fun cooldown for them. I think it increases Beast Master’s damage by 80% while they’re out, or something ridiculous like that. That’s a pretty fun one. 

This is neat, it’s essentially another DPS cooldown, and it’ll be great for some burst damage (which SV sorely needs).  There’s still some unknowns, all we really know is what’s Greg Street has said above. We don’t know if those pets will be able to bring their raid buffs or special abilities, or whether they’ll just have a set amount of damage. BM is going to love this, especially in pvp with readiness and big red pet, this’ll put a lot a pain down. There is a slight ambiguity as to whther this is an ability that all hunters can get or if it’s BM only, but I think the implication is that all three specs will be able to access it, but BM gets more benefit.

On the surface it’s pretty cool, but I want to see what they do with it to stop it being just another button to push.

Edit: Frostheim tweeted that it was indeed class wide, but hasn’t linked anything from Blizz to support that yet.

New tameable pets?

Well, here we have no solid information, apart from a few screenshots from the game that show beasts. They are such teases.

So far we can only guess if they’re tamable or not, but I think we’ll get the porcupine and the heron as new pet classes. The bug (2nd screen shot in the front left and 3rd screen shot next to the heron) and the ungulate (hoofed and horned goat thingy) I doubt we’ll get as pets, the bug is pretty flimsy looking, and typically we haven’t been able to tame any of the antelopes, horses, gazelles, stags, zhevra…. although we can tame rhinos (which belong to the same Order), but then again rhinos are clearly a lot tougher. There is also a brief shot of some lizard-kodo type things in the valley of the four winds video, but I suspect they’ll end up being mounts. 

Pure speculation based off nothing but hot air: I think yaks will also be included as tameable hunter pets, and will have the same skill set as rhinos.

Pandaren starter pet: turtle

This was mentioned at Blizzcon, and the screen shot below seems to support that: the Pandaren is holding a ranged weapon, he isn’t geared up to the eyeballs, and the turtle is roughyl at pet distance. Furtermore, the skin appears to be the same as that of Tortolla from Mount Hyjall and Ghamoo-ra from Blackfathom depths. Of course, assuming that what this screenshot shows is what I think it shows. It might not be! And even if it is, they might change it.

Challenge mode dungeon vanity set?

It seems very likely that that guy in the front left is wearing the new vanity armour from the dungeon challenge modes. I like it! Here’s another angle, the hunter is up the back in the middle.

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2 Responses to Mists hunter news!

  1. Ahhh, I’m gonna have 5 of those porcupines and use my Stampede. It’s gonna look awsome-crazy! xD

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