Mists of Panderia Lvl 90 Hunter Talents

Blizzard have released the lvl 90 hunter talents that will be available in Mists of Panderia, and there are some really interesting choices for us. Of course, any and all analysis is very speculative at this stage, since we don’t know the details (like what the cooldowns are) and its entirely possible things could change by the time Mists of Panderia is released, in fact it’s almost certain it will once we see performance on the PTR during beta. Kaivax said in a blue post today that we’ve got a lot of changes still in the works for us, but if what we’ve seen so far is any indication we’ve got a lot to look forward to!

I’m really excited to see these three new lvl 90 talents in action, I think Blizzard have done a great job providing interesting choices, some will be “right” for some situations and not others, but no ability here appears to be “right” for all cases.

On the face of it Glaive Toss looks like it’s best suited to SV and BM, since MM will have a daze effect baked into their multishot so it’s possible the snare might not be very appealing to them. I can see Glaive Toss having some use in PVP, most likely only in battlegrounds, but using it to its full effectivness will be highly conditional. The throwing weapons flavour of the ability is a little odd though, and I wonder why we have an ability like this when we’ve just had our melee weapons removed. I’m curious to see how it looks on release day.

Out of the three, this is the one I am most interested to see in action, because I think the animation is going to ROCK!

Powershot seems to be most “in character” for a Marksman hunter, and I can see myself using it a lot. See that last line? Tripple damage, with 2 Ps. P IS FOR POWAH! That’s how ppowerful this is!

Figure 1: There is only POWAHshot!

Powershot and Glaive Toss are both clearly AOE abilities, but which one is “right” for the situation will depend highly on:

1) How far away the targets are from you: more than 30 yards and Powershot is the clear winner, 15-30 yards it could go either way, less than 15 yards and I think it’s almost certainly Glaive Toss.

2) Just how many targets there are, how densely packed the targets are, and if the targets are moving or not. The big feature of Glaive Toss is having the cooldown reset by hitting multiple adds on the way out and the way back in, and if you can spam it and keep those adds snared then that’s going to be really useful.

3) The relative cooldown of the two abilities.

Of the three, this is the one I’m least excited about for the animation, unless it is a massive giant flaming arrow of apocalyptic DOOM I’m going to be disappointed. I suspect it’ll be a slightly showier version of aimed shot.

In some ways this feels like the “right” choice for PVP, particularly arenas. If you can pin a melee down like that you can unload on them from a distance, with a bonus 15% damage buff! I can’t really see a situation where the other two abilities will be particularly useful in PVP,  so I think this will be the cookie cutter choice. The great thing is that it looks like it will target a player, not the ground, and creates an AOE CC around them! I really like the sound of that! Tactics wise, you could hit the healer at the back of the group with this, disengage, and when everyone runs forward to beat on you… STUN!

For PVE, I think this may be a great choice for single target bosses, simply because it will act like a damage cooldown. 15% damage on top of Rapid Fire, potions, trinkets, racials, and short duration pet buffs (eg: rabid) and ancient hysteria/bloodlust just sounds great for a burst situation…. you know what? Lets pop Readiness and do it all again, too! Of course, assuming bosses aren’t immune… I suspect anything that is immune to CC or stun will be immune to this, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Apart from boss fights I can see this being coupled will with multishot on groups of adds, just pop this down, stay back, and pew pew while the monsters just stand there looking dumb.

I’m really hoping the animation for this is something like the Chains Of Woe that Rom’ogg pops down in Blackrock Caverns.

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6 Responses to Mists of Panderia Lvl 90 Hunter Talents

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  2. Chrth says:

    I think the Binding Shot animation is going to be a combination of the Arrows you have to pick up in the Death Knight starting area, with the beams from Resonating Crystal.

  3. Glaive Toss in a WSG tunnel fight. Should be awesome!

  4. tada says:

    I can’t see powershot making it to live the way it’s described… a few hunters could hold off the entire opposition in any BG with a choke point just by sitting back and rotating this shot and with a max distance of 50 yds you’ll be able to open on them long before they can touch you.

  5. Bauxite says:

    What I’d love to see is a hunter duo, one to pin people down with the binding shot and one to unload with the powershot… that’d be some pretty intense pain 😉

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