Pushing Ultraxion’s Buttons

Ah Ultraxion, for this moment ALONE were you created. Apparently. That’s your story, anyway.

This guy is a pain. On one level, he’s uncomplicated. Push the heroic will button when you have 3 seconds left on fading light. Push the button half way through the hour of twilight cast. Don’t push the button if your raid leader asks you to eat an hour of twilight (instead, push deterrence if you’re a hunter). Simple.

Figure 1: push button, collect loot

On another level, Ultraxion is horrendously unforgiving. One error and it’s swing low sweet chariot. You are hugging the floor. You just flat out die. Dead. See ya later alligator. The fight really takes a certain amount of awareness to do properly and if your group is sloppy you could be looking at Ultaxions big cheesy grin for some time. A few raid teams I’ve been part of have had a bit of trouble with this fight, people were either watching the wrong cast bar (Deadly Boss Mods gives a warning for when he’s about to start casting, and you need to be pushing the button when he’s already begun casting and is half way to the finish), or “lagging” or “I pushed the button but it didn’t work” both of which I suspect are at least sometimes code for “I forgot”. Sometimes you eat a fading light right before hour of twilight and your button isn’t off cooldown yet… now that’s a valid excuse to die the first couple of times, but you should be aware enough to realise that on the second fading light cast in you hour of twilight sandwich you need to hit the button a bit sooner. No biggie.

Figure 2: two large chunks of doom between two thick cut slices of apocalypse bread

It is an easy fight to get tunnel vision on too, and with good reason; Ultraxion is a big guy, and has a lot of health. Don’t hold back! There can be up to 45 seconds where you’re doing nothing but standing there pumping out damage (or pumping our healing, or pumping out… tank…ness… whatever), so you’ll have large chunks of time where you can really get some hurt on the guy, but if you don’t pay attention you can miss the crucial moment where you need push the button. Don’t be that guy! Personally, I keep my mouse on the button the whole time so when the time has come to push the button my finger is already on the button, but you can key bind or macro it (/click ExtraActionButton1) just as easily.

Once your group has figured out the basics of the fight, the achievement is pretty straight forward. There’s a lot of classes that can survive eating an hour of twilight, and Icy Veins has a great guide to it. This guide is especially useful when going for the achievement Minutes to Midnight (which probably refers to this, rather than this or this, since he’s bringing out doomsday and all) which requires a different player to soak each hour of twilight. My team got this achievement without any trouble, in fact we got it on our first ever kill with a perfect execution: not single death! We were lucky that our group composition had plenty of soaking abilities in it, and who was soaking which hour was called out during the fight. 

Figure 3: Insert joke about Alexstrasza’s chest

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