Don’t stand so close to me!

So I had a good raid last night. We got two achievements (Don’t Stand So Close To Me and Minutes To Midnight), our first kill on Ultraxion, and a decent chunk of a way into Blackthorn, not bad for a group this new! I’m really happy with how most of the team performed, and I see us doing great things together!

Morchok: Don’t stand so close to me

This achievement is named after a pretty cool song by the Police from way back in the 80’s, and fittingly getting this achievement had a bit of a sting to it.

First up, we were using Deadly Boss Mobs, so each raider used the command /range 5 to set up a 5 yard range around each raider. Then, we set up 5 markers equally spaced around Morchok.

Figure 1: there is no hidden pentagram

Then, we assigned players with a fast travel ability (sprint, disengage, blink, demonic circle) to each one. The “slow” players were assigned to the gaps. The trick would be that we’d spread out fast and have no risk of being close to each other. With 3 hunters in the group this was no struggle at all.

Figure 2: circle of life

Now, there’s a little RNG in where the protective spikes come out of the ground, so my brilliant plan was to have the slow players stand a distance behind the fast marked players like so:

Figure 3: brilliant plan

What could possibly go wrong? Well, RNG is a harsh mistress.

Figure 4: you can’t make an omelet without… something something… 

Well… uh… at least there are less people to try and account for, right? That was part of my plan all along, I swear! Morchok isn’t too taxing a fight, and we managed to one shot him even with a chunk of our party hugging the ground.

Over all, we didn’t find this achievement too difficult, and I think it’s well with in the capabilities of most raid teams.

Figure 5: Morchok? No thanks, I’d like LESSchock!

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