My new pet oil slick

I tamed a new pet last night. Meet Valdez, my slick and refined wolf (although he’s a little crude at times)…. sorry, sorry, I’ll quit that now.

Slick accompanies me and a special lady on a romantic picnic on Dalaran. 

The glitch used to tame this guy has been around for a little while, but in case you haven’t seen it before I’ll give you the run down. It’s pretty neat, and can be used to tame a variety of pets with buff and auras out there.

So, there’s a wolf in Borean Tundra that has a cool black oily aura around it called the Oil-Stained Wolf. Now, usually when you tame this bad boy the aura is removed, and you’re left with a boring grey wolf, but there is a glitch you can exploit “take advantage of” to keep it after a tame. This process is a lot easier if you have a friend help you with it, although it is possible to do it solo.

1) Fly out to Borean Tundra, and head over to the Geyser fields.

2) Get your friend to set you as their focus, and target the wolf you intend to tame.

3) Begin your tame. Get your friend to hit the wolf with an attack that will kill it, and hit revive pet. Time the killing blow and the revive to coincide exactly with the finish of your tame. I’ve heard that you need a melee to land the killing blow, but I didn’t have a problem doing this with a hunter friend.

It may take you quite a few attempts to get the timing exactly right, but it’s not too challenging. Just a little tedious. I got it done in about 20 goes.

Now, if you don’t have anyone willing to help you with this (or if you’re hardcore like that) you can solo it with an immolation trap. It requires some pretty precise timing, and you may need to adjust the haste on your gear to get things nicely aligned, but it’s possible, as shown by Ryazon.

One word of warning: visiting an arena and bringing this guy out will wipe the oil off him, and leave you with an ordinary grey wolf, so beware!

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