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Mr I’m trying something new

Revngeek from Revngeek’s Parody Palace has just described a moment a lot of hunters can relate to, when they accidently (or not) misdirect to the healer. Whoops. The group wipes if the tank is too busy scratching himself to taunt off … Continue reading

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Mists of Panderia Lvl 90 Hunter Talents

Blizzard have released the lvl 90 hunter talents that will be available in Mists of Panderia, and there are some really interesting choices for us. Of course, any and all analysis is very speculative at this stage, since we don’t … Continue reading

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Pushing Ultraxion’s Buttons

Ah Ultraxion, for this moment ALONE were you created. Apparently. That’s your story, anyway. This guy is a pain. On one level, he’s uncomplicated. Push the heroic will button when you have 3 seconds left on fading light. Push the button … Continue reading

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Don’t stand so close to me!

So I had a good raid last night. We got two achievements (Don’t Stand So Close To Me and Minutes To Midnight), our first kill on Ultraxion, and a decent chunk of a way into Blackthorn, not bad for a group … Continue reading

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Steampunk Hunter Transmog!

Dreämy from Drunkard’s Regalia has made up an incredible looking steampunk hunter transmog set! She even goes so far as to include a list of matching pets with the look, simply genius! It almost makes me want to race change to … Continue reading

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My new pet oil slick

I tamed a new pet last night. Meet Valdez, my slick and refined wolf (although he’s a little crude at times)…. sorry, sorry, I’ll quit that now. Slick accompanies me and a special lady on a romantic picnic on Dalaran.  … Continue reading

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…and transitioning right back.

Ok, so I gave it a good shot. I spent a few days practicing on the dummy, running 5 mans, LFR a few times, and even soloed some old content (while looking for elders for the Lunar Festival) to get … Continue reading

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Transitioning from MM to SV

Well, I did it. 2 months into patch 4.3 and I finally got around to switching from my Marksman spec to Survival. It was a little heart breaking; I’d become very comfortable in MM. The rotation was firmly locked into … Continue reading

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