Glyph of lesser proportion

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“What hunter spec are you?” Cosmo quiz

Welcome to an exclusive Aspect of the Dork “Cosmo quiz”. Most of us have a favourite spec, the rotation or flavour just suits us, but maybe you need a hand identifying which spec you really are deep down. Well, this simple test can help you reveal the nature of your inner hunter.

You are strolling down a forest path, when suddenly a bandit bursts forth from the bushes, and demands you hand over all your gold. What do you do?

A) Your pet instinctively knows you are in danger, and leaps at the throat of the bandit, tearing his jugular out. There’s blood EVERYWHERE. It’s fantastic! You hug your pet.

B) You pretend to be dead… as you surreptitiously drop an immolation trap. The bandit comes over to loot your “corpse” and suddenly bursts into flames. You laugh maniacally as he runs screaming in burning agony.

C) You shoot them in the face.

If you could design the perfect pet, what would it look like?

A) A giant five headed dragon-wolf-panther-raptor-sporebat, with giant claws, spikes, and teeth, that can roar so loud that it blows the armor off people.

B) A invisible flame snake, with a deadly bite that sets people on fire. Poisonous fire.

C) Not sure… a dog with a gun strapped to its back? Or a shark with laser beams attached to its head.

There’s this person. They’re smart, funny, and uncommonly good looking. You’ve developed a crush on them, and you think they might like you in return. What do you do?

A) You buy them a puppy as an expression of your affection!

B) You decide you need to know more about them before you go any further. You stalk them, tracking them in their daily routine, watching their every move… Sting would be proud. Of course, they know you’re there, and you know they know you’re there. You never actually speak to each other, but despite this you develop an… understanding… that despite your love for each other, you can’t be together. You just don’t roll like that. It wouldn’t work. You never see each other again, but you know they’re around. There’s signs of them, here and there, a broken twig, an upturned stone, a slaughtered herd of elleks with their skinned corpses arranged into a love heart… And that’s enough for you.

C) You shoot them in the face with an arrow of your love*. (They die, you’re not troubled by this).

*note: arrows of love are indistinguishable from normal arrows.

What do you like most about your pet?

A) Its rippling muscles, musky scent, luscious mane… It’s one seriously attractive animal.

B) It’s useful, you’ve taught it a couple of tricks.

C) You didn’t actually like your pet all that much, until you taught it to carry an extra gun and ammo for you.

Who is your role model?

A) Steve Irwin

B) Bear Grylls

C) Clint Eastwood

You come across an old barn. Taking a look inside you see a couple of dozen gnomes building some mechanical thing. Knowing full well that gnomes are by their very nature unhuntery, you conclude they must be up to no good. How do you handle this situation?

A) The best way to scare off gnomes is with something bigger than them, which is pretty much everything, but you think the bigger the better, so you have your devilsaur roar furiously and charge on in. As the gnomes scatter you smile with satisfaction and hug your pet.

B) You know gnomes will run from a large threat, so you have your bear stand at one end of the barn and roar at them. They flee in the opposite direction, straight into your explosive trap. You laugh manically and they run screaming in burning agony.

C) You line up a multishot and shoot them all in the face at once.

What’s the best way to tame a pet?

A) Radiate love and positive vibes , pouring your heart and soul out into a beam of pure affection and warmth. Finish up with a big hug.

B) No nonsense: trap and cap.

C) Shoot it a few times, just to make sure it’s worth taming , if it’s still alive, well, maybe you’ll let it follow you around for a while.

What is the one thing your friends would say about you?

A) “Woof?”

B) “They’re bat shit crazy, I mean literally insane. Don’t tell them where you saw me, please…”

C) “Yeah, nice enough I guess, but they’re really focused on that whole gun thing. I appreciate a little obsession over a hobby, but seriously…”

You hear that an ex is spreading hurtful rumours about you. Do you:

A) Hug your pet, knowing that at least they will never hurt you.

B) Rig their home with an incendiary device, and hide until they get home. They trigger the trap, and you laugh manically and they run screaming in burning agony.

C) Shoot them in the face.

The best compliment you could ever receive is:

A) “Nice pet!”

B) When an unsuspecting victim dies a silent (but horrific) death. A nice clean kill.

C) “Nice shot!”

Do you believe in love at first sight?

A) Yes, sometimes when you see a beast…. well… you just “know” that it’s the one.

B) No, I don’t believe in anything… other than my will to endure.

C) Yes, I love shooting things the first time I line them up in my sights. I rarely have to worry about a second time.

What’s one thing that breaks your heart?

A) You think about how many pets don’t have a home and how you should have them, you think about how cute they are and how their ears and the whiskers and the nose, you just love them and you want them and you want them in a basket and you want little bow ties and you want them to be on a rainbow and just in your bed and you just want a house full of them and you just want to roll around with them.

B) What heart?

C) There was this one time, way back when you were younger, when you missed… it fills you with shame and regret.

What’s your favourite game?

A) Hungry Hungry Hippos! It’s so satisfying to feed those poor hippos.

B) Cat and mouse. You’re the cat. You’d pity the person who is the mouse, if you could feel pity, that is.

C) Billiards. A steady hand and a keen eye make you a pro.

What is your favourite thing about being a hunter?

A) All the pets! They’re all so prettyful and happyful!

B) All the tricks! It’s great to be able to do so many things to get you out of a tight spot, or to put someone else in one.

C) All the shooting people in the face!

How did you do?

Mostly As: You are a Beast Master hunter. A true animal lover (in all senses of the word), you know your greatest asset is also your best friend. While you may not have the best personal hygiene, you are fiercely loyal, patient, and worry more about the pack than you do yourself. Your lucky number is 25.

Mostly Bs: You are a Survival hunter. A master of stealth and shit. You read the SAS Survival Guide when you were still in diapers, and laughed at all the mistakes. Your favourite tactic is to not actively kill someone, but to create situations where people kill themselves. While not the most friendly person, people have been known to say good things about you… under extreme duress. Your lucky number is 3.

Mostly Cs: You are a Marksman hunter. A crack shot with any weapon, you can shoot the whiskers off a kitten with precision accuracy. To you, there are two types of people in the world, those who you’ve shot, and those you haven’t shot… yet. You don’t have a lucky number, who needs luck when you have skill?

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Huntermogging the Ironhide set FOR THE HORDE!

This is my current transmog set, which I’m pretty happy with over all. I like the black and red, which beautifully compliments the Horde insignia blazoned proudly across my chest. It’s based on the Ironhide set (with a few tweaks), which is composed of green drops from mobs mainly in Un’Goro Crater and Winterspring. The great thing about this set is you should be able to get 90% without leaving town, a lot of it is on the auction house as boe drops. The melee weapon you’ll probably either need to go questing or boss killing for, though. For experimenting with these looks in game I use Mogit, and out of game I use the comparison feature on Wowhead.

Head: The Ironhide Helmet is what’s “supposed” to go with the set, but the colours aren’t quite right and the cut is a little boring, although it does have some horns which complement the shoulder’s I’ve chosen. On my main I’m currently using the Crown of Cinders, which I got from a quest, but the Slayer’s Skullcap is the same look you can get from a drop. Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of the helmet, and I’m still looking for a better fit. Malefactor’s Eyepatch, perhaps?

Shoulders: There’s a few choices here, depending on how showy you want to be. The Ironhide Pauldrons are the generic choice, but the Drakesfire Epaulets look much more “horde”, with the boney spikes and asymmetric look. The heroic Craterflame Spaulders have a nice flame effect and a little more flair (or possibly a little more flare…. see what I did there?). The thing about shoulders is that they can very in size and shape in a huge way. What looks like skyscrapers on an Orc or Tauren can look quite dainty on a Blood Elf or Forsaken. For shoulders it’s always best to try a few different things out, and see what works for your race and gender.

Back: Either Shawl of the Shattered Giant (boe drop) or Disguise of the Kuminho for 347 justice points in Dalaran. Nice black and red look that compliments the patterns on the Ironhide set. The actual Ironhide Cloak is a boring rag that I wouldn’t use to wipe gnome blood off my shoe with.

Chest: Ironhide Breastplate.

Shirt: Nothing like a Stylish Black Shirt, a little hard for the horde to get since it’s only sold by an Alliance vendor, but there should be some on the AH or Neutral AH. If not, the Ebon Filigreed Shirt is passable.

Bracers: Optional, they should barely show, but Ironhide Bracers go here.

Hands: Ironhide Gauntlets.

Waist: Ironhide Belt or Voidscale Belt, although you can get away with Blood-Spattered Sash in a pinch.

Legs: Ironhide Legguards.

Feet: Ironhide Greaves. This was actually the only item I had trouble finding, the rest of the Ironhide stuff I got from the AH reasonably cheaply after a week or so of looking. This one just did not turn up. In the end I farmed Winterspring for 5 hours for it (and collected a couple of other bits I already had on the way, and sold them for a tidy profit… I actually made money making this transmog set!).

Melee slot: Well, this depends on if you’re wielding a staff or a polearm. For a polearm Terokk’s Quill is far and away the best option, but if you’ve already completed the quest and trashed the item, there’s the Tidebreaker Trident or Piercing Glaive, or even an unmogged Kiril, Fury of Beasts. For staff wielders DamnationFuneral PyreVisage of the Destroyer or Ti’Tahk, the Steps of Time all fit well, although you might find Bloodfire Greatstaff easier to get.

Terokk’s Quill

Ranged: I like the High-Strung Bow (or Military Compound Bow if you’ve completed the quest) because it’s quite understated, but you might prefer something flashier, like Themios the Darkbringer. For those that prefer a crossbow, the Sinewed Crossbow or Coilfang Needler both suit the colour scheme. There’s also the gun option for those who play with their sound off or sadistically enjoy inflicting pain on the ears of their party members, the Replica High Warlord’s Street Sweeper, the Bloodwarder’s Rifle, and the Gunblade are all adequate to this task.

High-Strung Bow, Sinewed Crossbow, High Warloard’s Street Sweeper

Tabard: There’s a few great options here, too. The best look for the least effort is the Hellscream’s Reach Tabard, which you can get by grinding out a few Tol Barad dailies and popping 40 shiny TB comendations on the counter. Those skilled few who are Master of Isle of Conquest, the Tabard of Conquest is a perfect choice too (compliments your gear while showing everyone what a bad ass you are), or if you’re lucky enough to have hung on to a Krom’gar Tabard it suits the feel of the set as well. The Thrallmar or Blood Knight tabards are in keeping with the colour scheme, but lack the appropriate insignia in my opinion. I guess you could always use the Orgrimmar Tabard if you’re feeling particularly lazy, but I don’t think the colours are right. The worst part is most of the male hordies have such wretched posture that their hunch sort of conceals the horde insignia. For crying out loud, STAND UP STRAIGHT AND BE PROUD OF YOUR FACTION!

Mounts: The Black War Raptor and Black War Wolf are both purchasable for 2000 honor points from Raider Bork in Orgrimmar, or the Black War Mammoth for 2000 honor in Wintergrasp. All three have a great black and red Horde look about them. The Swift Red Wind Rider works well for a flying mount too, and is pretty easy to get.

Hunter Pets: We have the blessing and the curse of having so many pet choices. I’ve tried to give an option for pets that cover the raid buffs or commonly chosen hunter pets types.

Cat: Pride of Betthek, I guess. Not really a great choice here.

Corehound: Any of the Red Corehounds work.

Wolf: Rabid Warhound is great for this look, it even matches a mount!

Raptor: The Daggermaw Lashtail is a good fit.

Carrion Bird: Fire Roc from Tanaris.

Ravager: Thornfang Venomspitter is a short flight from the dark portal.

Wind Serpent: Stagalbog Serpent or Scalewing Serpent

Turtle: Terropene is the clear winner here, hands down.

Spider: The Black Recluse is perfect for this look.

Nether Ray: The Netherskate from Shadowmoon Valley looks pretty good with this set.

Wasp: Blacksting.

Boar: I love me some bacon! There’s a pair of Helboars in Hellfire Penisula you might want to go with this set.

Scorpid: Three choices here, black with red spots, dark red, or black.

Companions: Clearly you want a Horde Balloon.

Edit: If you’re not a fan of the Ironhide set (and bravo for going the distance on this post if you’re not!) you can mix this look up with the Garmaul set for chest, gloves, belt, pants, and boots. It looks a little rougher, and works great with the eyepatch.

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Level 75 Hunter Talents

Well, the new level 75 hunter talents have been datamined and are up on MMO Champion. Spiralphoenix has given us this video of them in action, too. Clearly there is still work to be done on them, but I look forward to seeing where these are taken!

A Murder of Crows

Summons a flock of crows to attack your target over the next 30 sec. If used on a target below 20% health, the cooldown will be reset. 60 Focus, 40 yd range, Instant, 60 sec cooldown.

This is interesting, in spiralphoenix’s video the crows come one at a time and stack behind the dummy. There appeared to be about 15 of them, and they were level ??, so I doubt people will be able to AOE them down like they can with snake trap snakes.

When I heard about this I expected a whole flock to come at once and rush the target, maybe with the flock circling over the target before descending in a fury, not turning up dribs and drabs. The crows are a dark grey colour, not a menacing midnight black, no glowing eyes, no rending flesh animations… meh. Now, this is a petty criticism, and I’m sure I’d be more positive after a decent night’s sleep, but I still feel underwhelmed. Blizz probably has a lot of work left to do on them, and the animation might well be changed by the time this sees 5.0.

Spamming this under the 20% health mark might give me the feeling of power I want, though. I suspect it will behave the same way kill shot does, so we’ll get two pops of it and then the cooldown wont reset again.

Call Beast

Summons a powerful wild animal to assist you in combat for 12 sec. Each time the animal deals damage, you will gain 2 focus. 1 Frost, 1 Unholy, 30 yd range, Instant, 30 sec cooldown.

This is definitely going to see some tweaking, unless we’re getting frost and unholy runes (I have the strong feeling this will cost us focus), you may also notice this is bugged in the video, with no cooldown.  This is a burst damage cooldown too, but if it lasts 12 seconds and has a cooldown of 30 seconds we’re going to see an uptime of 40%. That’s a lot. Between this and Murder I’m sure someone will math out which is “better”. I suspect Blizzard is going to try to make Murder good for bosses with a low-health soft enrage, and Call Beast better for other boss fights. I prefer a big damage buff with a long cooldown myself, so I probably wont choose this. I like a button where I can go “ALL THE THINGS DIE NOW” rather than just one more thing I need to keep track of and press off cooldown.

Lynx Rush

Your pet rapidly charges from target to target, attacking 9 times over 4 sec, dealing its normal attack damage to each target. 100 yd range, Instant, 2 min cooldown.

Hmm, awfully familiar, it almost feels like a rogue ability… This looks as though it’ll be best for BM (assuming the pet’s buffed attack still applies), and potentially low health trash mobs: imagine having this on Beth’tilac? It wouldn’t have handled every spiderling mob but it’d have helped. 100 yard range is awfully nice, there’s been a couple of long range abilities the hunters are getting. No minimum range and now they’re increasing our maximum range, too. Bravo!

Other talents

Blizzard has done some slight tweaking to the other hunter talents too.

Level 15

The three talents here that used to let you choose what flavour damage your arrows did have now been replaced by the “disengage” tier of hunter talents from level 45, Posthaste, Narrow Escape and Exhilaration. Narrow Escape is new, and has replaced Evasiveness (100% dodge for 3 seconds when you disengage), which is no longer in game.

Level 30

Binding Shot used to be a level 90 talent, but has been moved to level 30 and has replaced Intimidation, which is now a BM talent. Silencing Shot and Wyvern Sting remain unchanged

Level 45

The old level 60 talents have been moved here, Crouching Tiger Hidden Chimera, Aspect of the Iron Hawk and Spirit Bond.

Level 60

The old level 75 talents have been moved here, Fervor, Readiness, and Thrill of the Hunt.

Level 90

Both Powershot and Glaive Toss have been nerfed. Powershot now does significantly less damage, and Glaive Toss has lost its CD reset. As said above, Binding Shot is now a level 30 talent instead, and has been replace with Barrage

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New Hunter Glyphs in Mists of Pandaria!

New exciting glyphs for hunters! Wooooo! I’ve got my info from this wow insider article, which lists a couple of hunter glyphs that do not appear to be changed unless I’ve missed some minor detail in wording, but it’s possible their category has changed from being prime, major or minor. I’ve also got from some info from this post by kaze950 and one comment by spinner981 on that post. Sadly I don’t have beta access yet, but the second I do I’ll be checking these out in game!

Over all, it looks like they’re following the trend they started with talents: giving us interesting choices to make that you can’t theory-craft a “right” answer to. A lot of these will be great for some fights, and worthless in others. There’s also a couple of great pet tanking glyphs in this lot, so it appears Blizzard are going to keep that viable!

Edit: this post is going to be updated heavily over the next few days as I get access to more info, stay tuned! Also, take everything with a grain of salt: some info may not be relaible, or may be changed by Blizzard as they tweak things as the beta progresses.

Edit 2: finally found the proper info on mmo champion’s wowdb! I can be such a noob sometimes. Hurdurr.

Edit 3: Glyph of Concussive Shot turns into Glyph of Arcane Shot, and bakes the glyphed Concussive Shot right into Arcane Shot. Concussive Shot in it’s current form must be being phased out.

New glyphs!

Glyph of Aspect of the Cheetah 

Your Aspect of the Cheetah no longer causes you to be dazed when struck. Instead, the effect is cancelled and all your Aspects are placed on a 4 sec cooldown.

I’m really looking forward to this one! A lot of classes have speed boosts that don’t daze, and it’s finally our turn.

Glyph of Camouflage

Your Camouflage ability now provides stealth even while moving, but your movement speed while Camouflage is active is reduced by 50%.

I’m not excited. Sure, it’s better than having to stand still while camo’d, but I was hoping this glyph would let us use camouflage in combat so we could vanish like a rogue. Sigh.

Glyph of Endless Wrath

While Bestial Wrath is active, your pet cannot be killed, but can still be damaged.

Very cool! I suspect this will reduce the pets health to 1 health point, and go no further. Sudden death for the pet at the end of the big red pet cool down though. I can see the Glyph of Endless Wrath having some good situational usage in pet tanking… On a boss like Chimeron (for example) you could stack Hunters with indestructible pets for enrage, buying a few precious seconds each, with Bestial Wrath, MD, Readiness and Heart of the Phoenix (assuming that doesn’t go away) you could buy a significant chunk of time. Twice.

Glyph of Explosive Trap

Your Explosive Trap also knocks enemies back from the trap when it explodes.

I can see some situational use for this, probably not great for an SV hunter who is hoping to proc a lock and load though. A good one for pvp, combine it with a rhino pet for much knock-back fun.

Glyph of Icy Solace

Your Freezing Trap also removes all damage over time effects from the target.

I guess this is a pvp glyph to stop dots breaking people out. Not sure I’ll use it often.

Glyph of Tame Beast

Reduces the time required to complete Tame Beast by (4000/-1000) sec. 

I’m sure this will be a must-have for certain pet taming challenges.

Glyph of Tranquilizing Shot

Your Tranquilizing Shot no longer costs Focus, but has a 10 sec cooldown.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I used Tranq shot. Maybe one of the troll heroics? I’m sure this will be situationally useful.

Things that used to be talents!

Glyph of Animal Bond

While your pet is active, all healing done to you and your pet is increased by 10%.

This looks like spirit bond is now in glyph form, sweeeeet. I can definitely see myself using this, there are some fights where I’ve been very very tempted to pick up this talent but could not justify the DPS loss, so a glyph of it is just perfect for me.

Glyph of Marked for Death

Your Arcane Shot, Chimera Shot, Kill Command, and Explosive Shot abilities automatically apply Hunter’s Mark.

Sah-weeeet! This is pure gold awesomeness for heavy target switching fight! Thank you Blizzard, thank you thank you thank you! This is even better than the current Marksman talent! Since it looks like Hunter’s Mark might* only last 30 seconds now, this glyph might end up being one of those glyphs that is a “right” choice.

*repeat: might! There are three listings for Hunter’s Mark in the database. One lasts 20 seconds for a set attack power buff, one lasts 30 seconds for a 10% damage buff, and one lasts 5 minutes for a 0% damage buff. Clearly only one of these is right (and one is clearly wrong). We’ll see what’s what soon enough.

Glyph of Mirrored Blades

When attacked by a spell while in Deterrence, you have a 100% chance to reflect it back at the attacker.

Currently a Survival Hunter talent, I can imagine there will be some fights where this will be gold! I can see it getting a lot of use in PVP too.

Glyph of No Escape

Increases the ranged critical strike chance of all of your attacks on targets affected by your Ice Trap and Freezing Trap by 6%.

The SV talent going glyph form. Great for add heavy fights like Beth’tilac.

Glyph of Pathfinding

Increases the speed bonus of your Aspect of the Cheetah and Aspect of the Pack by 8%, and increases your speed while mounted by 10%. The mounted movement speed increase does not stack with other effects.

The BM pathfinding talent is becoming a glyph. Great for movement heavy fights, I think this would see a lot of play… except if it doesn’t stack with the boot speed boost then… uh. Well. Not sure it’d be worth the slot.

Old name, new effects!

Glyph of Aimed Shot

If used while your Camouflage is active, your Aimed Shot ability also reduces the target’s movement speed by 50% for 6 sec.

Nice, great for an ambush, or to open a kiting spree with! A big change from the previous 5 free focus glyph.

Glyph of Chimera Shot

Increases the healing you receive from Chimera Shot by an additional 5% of your maximum health.

I doubt this will ever leave my glyph slot! It’s really encouraging to see Blizzard giving us a few more self-heal options, and it’s certainly more interesting than the current rotation changing haste plateau brain destroying Glyph of Chimera Shot.

Glyph of Disengage

Increases the distance you travel when you Disengage.

The current glyph decreases the cool down, which frankly does not excite me, but epic jumping sounds very cool! It’s also situationally very dangerous, since uh… well lets just say I’ve jumped to my death by not being aware of what was behind me… or rather, what wasn’t behind me, ie: the ground.

Glyph of Mend Pet

Gives your Mend Pet ability a 50% chance of cleansing 1 Curse, Disease, Magic or Poison effect from your pet each tick.

Probably a great one for hunter soloing, but I’ve got to admit that I neglect my mend pet ability while raiding… healing is the healer’s job. It’s a bad habit, I know.

Glyph of Steady Shot

Your Steady Shot now reduces the target’s movement by 50% for 6 sec if used on a target within 8 yards. 

Looks like a great pvp/kiting glyph, and more interesting than 10% extra damage.

Glyph of Arcane Shot

Your Arcane Shot also dazes the target, slowing movement speed by 50% and limiting maximum run speed for 6 sec.

This is interesting! This used to be Glyph of Concussive Shot, but now it bakes a that effect right into Arcane shot! I think this might mean vanilla Concussive Shot is going away.

Unconfirmed and speculation 

Glyph of the Predator

There was early speculation that this was a hunter glyph, but it’s almost certain that this is probably a druid glyph, that’s how it’s listed here, anyway. Phew! If it was a hunter glyph it looked like a massive nerf to our hunter tracking, but it turns out it’s just a buff for druids.

Glyph of Expel Harm

This is listed here as a hunter glyph, but the ability itself is actually a monk ability. Dang! I was hoping we’d get a respectable self heal. No such luck, it’s almost certainly been mislabelled.

Glyph of Murder of Crows

This is a weird one. The glyph item is marked as being for warrior, the description references a warrior ability, yet we know that Murder of Crows is going to be a level 75 hunter talent. Either they’re throwing us a curve ball or its an ability both classes will share, one getting it through a glyph and one getting it through a talent.

Unchanged Glyphs

So far I’ve seen nothing to indicate the following glyphs have been changed, but they appear to be available in Mists of Pandaria.

Glyph of Aspect of the Pack

Glyph of Deterrence

Glyph of Feign Death

Glyph of Freezing Trap

Glyph of Ice Trap

Glyph of Lesser Proportion

Glyph of Master’s Call

Glyph of Mending

Glyph of Misdirection

Glyph of Revive Pet

Glyph of Scare Beast

Glyph of Scatter Shot

Glyph of Snake Trap

Removed Glyphs

These glyphs are not showing up in the datamined data… yet?

Glyph of Concussive Shot

Glyph of Dazzled Prey

Glyph of Explosive Shot

Glyph of Kill Command

Glyph of Kill Shot

Glyph of Rapid Fire

Glyph of Serpent Sting

Glyph of Bestial Wrath

Glyph of Immolation Trap

Glyph of Raptor Strike

Glyph of Silencing Shot

Glyph of Trap Launcher

Glyph of Wyvern Sting

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Mists hunter news!

Well, Blizzard has bestowed a cornucopia of information upon the Wow fan sites, and its contents are strewn across the table for us to gorge ourselves on. There’s a lot there, I mean there’s a LOT there, but not a lot for hunters specifically, so we’re still in the dark a little bit for now.


I don’t think we have talked about what we are doing for the hunter yet. I think a lot of hunter players have guessed it but the hunter level 87 ability is basically you get all your pets at once for a short amount of time. So if you have 5 pets in your stable, they all come out and do damage for a little bit of time, and that’s really fun cooldown for them. I think it increases Beast Master’s damage by 80% while they’re out, or something ridiculous like that. That’s a pretty fun one. 

This is neat, it’s essentially another DPS cooldown, and it’ll be great for some burst damage (which SV sorely needs).  There’s still some unknowns, all we really know is what’s Greg Street has said above. We don’t know if those pets will be able to bring their raid buffs or special abilities, or whether they’ll just have a set amount of damage. BM is going to love this, especially in pvp with readiness and big red pet, this’ll put a lot a pain down. There is a slight ambiguity as to whther this is an ability that all hunters can get or if it’s BM only, but I think the implication is that all three specs will be able to access it, but BM gets more benefit.

On the surface it’s pretty cool, but I want to see what they do with it to stop it being just another button to push.

Edit: Frostheim tweeted that it was indeed class wide, but hasn’t linked anything from Blizz to support that yet.

New tameable pets?

Well, here we have no solid information, apart from a few screenshots from the game that show beasts. They are such teases.

So far we can only guess if they’re tamable or not, but I think we’ll get the porcupine and the heron as new pet classes. The bug (2nd screen shot in the front left and 3rd screen shot next to the heron) and the ungulate (hoofed and horned goat thingy) I doubt we’ll get as pets, the bug is pretty flimsy looking, and typically we haven’t been able to tame any of the antelopes, horses, gazelles, stags, zhevra…. although we can tame rhinos (which belong to the same Order), but then again rhinos are clearly a lot tougher. There is also a brief shot of some lizard-kodo type things in the valley of the four winds video, but I suspect they’ll end up being mounts. 

Pure speculation based off nothing but hot air: I think yaks will also be included as tameable hunter pets, and will have the same skill set as rhinos.

Pandaren starter pet: turtle

This was mentioned at Blizzcon, and the screen shot below seems to support that: the Pandaren is holding a ranged weapon, he isn’t geared up to the eyeballs, and the turtle is roughyl at pet distance. Furtermore, the skin appears to be the same as that of Tortolla from Mount Hyjall and Ghamoo-ra from Blackfathom depths. Of course, assuming that what this screenshot shows is what I think it shows. It might not be! And even if it is, they might change it.

Challenge mode dungeon vanity set?

It seems very likely that that guy in the front left is wearing the new vanity armour from the dungeon challenge modes. I like it! Here’s another angle, the hunter is up the back in the middle.

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Hunter Buffs and Debuffs in Mists of Panderia

Ghostcrawler has given us a snapshot of who is getting which buff and debuff in Mists of Panderia, and Hunters are getting a couple of nice ones! …..and one kinda ordinary one… *cough*

Attack Power
Effect: +10% melee and ranged attack power (which will be the same value again)
Example: Battle Shout
Brought by: Any death knight, any hunter, any warrior

Critical Strike
Effect: +5% ranged, melee, and spell critical chance
Example: Leader of the Pack
Brought by: Guardian and Feral druids, any hunter, any mage

Mortal Wounds
Effect: -25% healing received
Example: Mortal Strike
Brought by: Arms or Fury warrior, any rogue, any hunter

Ok, so it looks like the Marksman talent Trueshot Aura is going spec wide, and the wolf crit buff Furious Howl is getting baked in too! This will be great, because it looks like Blessing of Might might be going… maybe? But, uh, seriously? That last one looks a hell of a lot like Widow Venom to me. I seriously hope not. Last year when they did the whole “Tell us what you think about your class” thing, widow venom was one of the most complained about talents for hunters. I hope this means that they’ve heard our moaning and are improving it. Please oh please let them just make it part of Hunter’s Mark, I don’t want a short duration debuff to watch unless it’s automatically applied.

And to top it off…

We are still likely to use the design that hunters, especially Beastmaster hunters, can fill in for missing buffs or debuffs by using certain pets.

Woot! I like what I see here! The fact that we’re still able to fulfil the role of buff vending machine with our pets is great, that’s something I really like about our class. I makes me feel useful and important, so I hope they follow through with that. The list above is a big shake up though, with the 5% crit buff being innate to our class means that they are going to be making changes to which pet brings which buff; that buff is currently brought by wolves and devilsaurs, so either we’re going to see a replacement buff from them, or they’re shaking up the whole system. My money’s on the latter. It’ll be cool too see what they come up with.

One great thing is that we don’t share any of our buffs with Monks. This is a very good thing. I’d expect pretty much every raid to be carrying at least one Monk, probably more. If history is anything to go by (think Death Knights in WotLK) the Monks will be quite strong to start out with, and many raids will benefit greatly from having at least one in it, either tanking, healing, or DPSing. If we have buffs they don’t have we’re more valuable. I’m glad they’ll still need a hunter.

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6 things I wish I could tame, but probably will never be able to

Hunters can tame a lot of things, we’re really spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting a pet. We have many looks to choose from, many raid buffs to choose from, and even a choice about which pet spec to bring for the same raid buff. But there are still things I wish I could tame that I just can’t, and probably never will be able to either, some for very good reasons. Still, I can dream, right?


I’ve loved frogs for as long as I can remember. When I was 4 my parents moved to a big property in the mountains and we had a creek which flowed through our back yard. Every summer I would be down there, finding all sorts of creatures, turtles, yabbies (Australian fresh water crayfish), trout, but most of all I found frogs. There were hundreds of them. We lived there for a few years, and but we moved to another place that backed on to a nature reserve. We had a swimming pool, and every morning I would scoop out the frogs that had got stuck in it over night. There were a lot of different kinds, I think I found about twenty different species over the years, including one which was presumed extinct in the region (that actually caused a lot of issues, a local developer had to stop a large construction near the reserve…. he wasn’t happy about it and he let us know).

So, frogs are special to me.

Frogs are freaking awesome. First off, once they’ve grown out of their tadpole phase, they are almost exclusively predators, some even eat prey as large as mice, birds, and snakes. SNAKES!  Frogs have a full 360 degree vision field, some can jump over 300 times their own body length, and some frogs are among the most toxic creatures on the planet. Frogs are freaking bad ass, and as the bad assest class in the game, we deserve to be able to have them hop along side us into battle. I’d picture them bringing along a pretty decent poison style raid buff, too. Maybe something along the lines of a rogue poison?

Sadly, I don’t see it happening. When it comes to wow, frogs are pretty thin on the ground. Sure, there’s a bunch of companion pets and a couple of critters out in the world, but there aren’t any 50 foot fire breathing old god corrupted frog bosses, or even level appropriate mobs. None.

Which is a real shame. Sure, there’s Murlocs who are vaguely frog-like, but it’s an easy argument to describe them as fish-people as it is to describe them as frog-people. It’s not the same.  Blizzard just hasn’t gone there. Yet. Maybe there’s hope in Mists of Panderia?


Why tame just one thing when you could tame a whole SWARM of things? Afflict your enemies with a thousand stings of your bee minions! A horde of ants crawling over the skin of your foes! A plague of rats nipping crawling inside the armour of your adversary! Nine hundred killer wasps! Many creatures live in huge communities, and individually these animals are minor pests, but together they are dangerous. Unless you’re allergic, a single bee is unlikely to cause more than a painful sting, but aggravate a bee’s nest and you could easily wind up dead. Swarms of locusts plague farmers all around the world every year.

There are swarms in wow, the silithid are a great example of a massive insectiod community, and fortunately we can tame individual members of the group. Sci Fi would have us believe that the conciousness of these creatures is more than just that of a just a single bug, there’s a hive mind that is shared among the group. What if we could tame the entire group? Those who have read Terry Pratchett’s book Lords and Ladies will be familiar with the concept.

As much as I love the idea, it’s too far out of left field to really be put into the game. Still, it’d be awesome to have your very own bee army… or cockroach, or locust, or mouse, or scarab, or….

….whatever those things are. I’ll have that.

Murlocs (and Gorlocs)

Murlocs are among the most loved and most hated creatures in the game, but they have a certain charisma that I find irresistible. On one hand they’re fierce, cunning, killing machines who hunt in packs, defending their patch of shoreline with deadly skill, on the other they’re sho kewt! They’d make a great pet, but I honestly can’t say why. They just would, okay?

The main reason this will never happen is that they’re too smart. It’d be like taming an dwarf. Murloc’s have societies (albeit primitive), they have a guttural language, they have a culture of sorts, they use simple tools, and they even simple dwellings, which makes them at least as civilised and intelligent as my neighbours (who I would argue lack some of these things, but I digress). We’re much more likely to see them as a player race than as a hunter pet, which is fine by me, as long as they can be hunters! There’s precedent for that, too.

I’m sure there’s a yo dawg I heard you like X joke in here somewhere.

Mechanical Pets

We have engineers make us companion pets, why not deadly fighting pets too? It wouldn’t be hard, just reweaponise the de-weaponised mechanical companion. Maybe with a taser, or shooting acid from its eyes, or launching balls of exploding shrapnel from its mouth… I’m sure the goblins would make something fiendishly clever and totally safe*.

Something like this, except with more spikes.

This idea isn’t new, the guys at the Hunting Party Podcast have been going on about it for ages, and I honestly cant see any reason why it couldn’t happen. You wouldn’t even need to make a new pet species, you could just have an engineer crafted version of each existing type of pet.

*not safe at all.

Elemental Beasts

I realise we’re treading on the toes of shamans here, but screw them. They take tier tokens and agility mail that rightfully belong in the hands of hunters. Even if we want to split hairs and wonder if they’re elementals more than they are beasts we’ve dabbled in that area before and I don’t see any shamans running around with them. So, new type of hunter pet called Elemental Beasts, exotic, and on par with a spirit beast in terms of rareness, difficulty to tame, and abilities? I vote aye, good sir.

Case in point: charhounds. Not only do I want to be able to tame them, but I want to have two at once, and name them Riplimb and Rageface. I’d then whack them every day with a flaming rolled up newspaper while wearing the decapited head of their former master like a hat. Rageface would be whacked twice on Tuesday. /bitter. Seriously though, they look amazing, and I want them.


From a design point of view there is almost, almost, a precedent for this: casters got to keep Tarecgosa as a mount on the legendary quest for the caster stick. Which is cool. Good for them.

A hunter pet is a different game though, the dragon wouldn’t just be ferrying us around (or turning us into it, or whatever), as a pet it’d be fighting along side us… cool! Thing is, its too cool. I just don’t see it ever happening, because it’s mean one of two things, either our DPS would be OFF THE CHARTS or the dragon would be weaksauce and hit like a wet noodle compared to what we should expect a dragon to do. Dragons are supposed to be some of the strongest creatures in the game. They’re not in the same league as wolves and panthers.

Again, this idea has been brought up before. There’s been talk that we should be able to tame one as a legendary pet, but the only way I can see it being balanced is if the dragon is severely weakened in some way, and that doesn’t feel right to me. I’d rather have no dragon at all than shame dragonkind with a crap dragon.

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Mists and Stats

In a Dev watercooler post today Ghostcrawler has given us a some clues as to what stats will be relevant in the next expansion. There is one hunter specific change of particular note:

Ranged attacks will be able to be dodged. Hunters will benefit from expertise and will have it on their gear, which will also allow hunters and Enhancement shaman to share gear more easily. 

Interesting! I guess we’ll need to position ourselves behind players in pvp now, particularly rogues and ferals (like they needed to be buffed vs hunters, huh), and thankfully ranged attacks don’t appear to be blocked or parried (unless things change).

It looks like we’ll need 7.5% hit and 7.5% expertise to be capped for PVE bosses, which isn’t a huge amount. I guess we’ll be looking at a reforge priority of hit (to 7.5%) > exp (to 7.5%) > crit > haste/mastery, but of course that all depends on the numerous changes we can expect to see between now and launch. This will probably bring us closer to being in line to what other classes have to put into “not sucking” stats.

There’ll now be 5 classes that can legitimately roll on any expertise agility item: Monks, Hunters, Shamans, Rogues and Druids, that’s a lot of competition! I don’t think this is a bad thing for hunters, it’ll open up the field of agility gear for us a little more. Pretty much any agility item will be hunter loot! I guess I have a legitimate reason for rolling need on Seal of Primordial Shadow “I’m just future proofing for Mists guys!”

Of course, as with any time there is a change with hunters, regardless of whether it actually benefits us or not, the wailing will be begin almost immediately….

“They took away my maaaaaanaaaaaa!”

I do wonder how new hunters leveling will go, though. I guess there’ll be some tweaking for the 1-85 stuff so that hunters aren’t too under powered, right?

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Mr I’m trying something new

Revngeek from Revngeek’s Parody Palace has just described a moment a lot of hunters can relate to, when they accidently (or not) misdirect to the healer. Whoops. The group wipes if the tank is too busy scratching himself to taunt off in time. Ah well.

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